Adaption of PUMA SLM for openflexure scope

I am interested in the PUMA spatial light modulator. I think the openflexure is a better choice than PUMA in general but their spatial light modulator seems an elegant approach to filtering.

I had not seen that SLM. It is a bit delicate to prepare, but would be very useful. As the PUMA adds the SLM into a Kohler illumination system it is separate from the translation and imaging optics systems. I think it should be possible to mount the PUMA illumination onto an Openflexure Microscope or Deltastage body. It is a rather larger part than the standard Openflexure illumination and may be too wide to attach to illumination dovetail, but that is not a show stopper.

I could not immediately see where the STLs for the PUMA illumination are to check on the actual sizes.

Trying out the PUMA illumination would be fun - if I remember correctly, the illumination SLM is effectively doing a similar thing to the LED array that Samuel set up on the delta stage (which should also work on the inverted microscope).

However, the PUMA version should suffer less from stray light and may have a few other advantages, so it could be quite fun.

I suspect the one for the delta stage would be easier to implement. The PUMA one is pretty complex. Didn’t know about the one you described, when I start up my microscope work- will give it a try.