About the software of Raspbain OpenFlecxure

Hi guys. When I try to install and open the Raspbain OpenFlexure full destop OS, It always pops up a prompt box telling me “the disc image file is corrupted”. I tried it on my personal laptop or the public computer at school, and they’re both shows the prompt box and don’t work. How can I solve this problem and open it smoothly, and then observe the image.
Looking forward for your reply. Thanks.

The Raspbian OpenFlexure OS images are operating systems for the Raspberry Pi computer with the microscope software installed. The ‘full desktop’ version is to run the Raspberry Pi with a screen and keyboard/mouse plugged in. Installation onto an SD card for the Pi needs the imager software as detailed for the usual Raspberry Pi OS

It is not software for a PC or Mac.

Hi, thank you for your reply. But I’m not sure what do you mean. You mean I can’t use Raspbian Openflexure?
Then I install Raspberry pi imager to SD card, and then insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi. Then download OpenFlexure Connect on the computer, and finally connect the display with Hdmi and connect the Raspberry Pi and keyboard and mouse. Finally, open OpenFlexure Connect and click Connect locally and it will work, right? Is this method the correct procedure to observe the image? Thank you in advance.

That is nearly the process.

Install Raspbian Openflexure onto an SD card using the Raspberry Pi imager on a PC (or on another Raspberry Pi).
Then insert the SD card into the Raspberry Pi
The Pi will have Openflexure Connect on its desktop, so if you connect a display and keyboard / mouse you can run Openflexure Connect and connect locally.

You can also use Openflexure Connect on a PC that is on the same network as the Pi. Then you would select connect remotely instead of connect locally. Or just point the web browser of a PC/Mac/phone/tablet that is on the same network as your Pi to the web address http://microscope.local:5000 or on some networks http://microscope:5000

Hi WilliamW,

I tried this method myself but the Raspberry Pi didn’t have the openflexure Connect on its desktop, did i write the wrong raspi software to the SD card?
I chose this one, should i rewrite the SD card?
Screenshot 2023-04-12 170541

@BRENDY77 It sounds as though you have installed the normal Raspberry Pi OS on your SD card. You need to install the modified Raspbian Openflexure OS on the SD card instead.

First download the Raspbian Openflexure image from the openflexure web site at https://openflexure.org/software/raspbian-openflexure/.
With a copy of this on your computer you then open the Raspberry Pi Imager and in the choose OS you need to select the option to browse for the operating system image for the microscope that you have downloaded.

[ Edit: From your other thread, you actually need the operating system with the draft fixes that will enable the Sangaboard v0.5 prototype. Download that from the link in post 16 in this thread Sangaboard v0.5 now available - General - OpenFlexure Forum ]