Will a Raspberry Pi 3B+ & V1.3 camera work?

I just want to build one to see what it can do. If it’s suitable but slow, I can buy a new Pi, but if I can., I’d prefer to avoid the £50 for now.

WIll the 3B+ work - albeit slowly?

Same for the camera - I have a V1.3 knocking around, will it work?


I think physically you should be able to get those parts to fit. I think there are software differences between the v1.3 and the v2 camera so the software probably wont work with the old camera.

From memory I think the 3B+ should work ok but slowly. However things may have changed, it is best to check with @r.w.bowman (PING!).

Thanks Stirling, I appreciate your time.

There was a similar thread recently RPi 1B + PiCamera V1.3 - Auto Calibration (SOLVED!) . If you have the ability to work with Gitlab, there is a solution for the Pi Camera 1.3 PiCamera v1.3 support (!178) · Merge requests · OpenFlexure / openflexure-microscope-server · GitLab. @pbrugugnoli contributed this.

A Pi 3B will be fine, we were pretty much unable to use anything else until the middle of last year with the shortage of Pi4. If you use it from another computer with the lite version of the operating system (no Pi desktop) it will not even be slow.

Thank you WIlliam. I’ll steer clear of the V1.3 camera and GitLab, but go with the Pi 3. Presumably I can plug the V2 camera into the Pi 3?

Many thanks


If you’re looking to test a V1.3 Picamera and could use some assistance, feel free to shoot me a message. I’d be delighted to guide you through the process—it’s actually quite straightforward.

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Thank you pbrugugnoli, that is a kind offer. I guess I will go with the V2 camera as it has a higher resolution and better colour, apparently.

Thanks again


I am not aware of any reason a Pi 3B should not work with the current software - but I’m not regularly testing it. I don’t know if that will change with the release of v3, but I’m not aware of anything that would make it break at present.


Thanks Richard.

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