Step Editable CAD

Yes, I understand the frustration of people who don’t know OpenSCAD but still want to edit the files. Personally, I quite like OpenSCAD - which is why it’s what I picked when I started the project. However it’s frustrating that it forms a barrier to more people getting involved with development.

As @j.stirling and @WilliamW have said, “converting” the whole project into another CAD package would be an enormous undertaking, largely because we’d have to redraw everything from scratch. We’d also lose all of the automation that we’ve spent a lot of time building up over the last few years.

However, what might be fruitful is coming up with ways to better document the interfaces between the various components. That would allow one or two of them to be redrawn in other packages, so that they can more easily be modified outside of OpenSCAD.

For example, if you want to add a coherent light source and need to modify the microscope stand to mount optics inside it, there is already code that should generate the “footprint” of the microscope so you can see where the mounting holes are. Redrawing the microscope base, or the optics module, should be much less work than recreating the whole microscope.