Spiral Scan Steps

Can someone clarify how the spiral scan works regarding X and Y steps? I’ve been experimenting and so far setting steps to 2 creates a 3x3 scan and setting to 3 steps creates a 5x5 scan. So does this mean for spiral scans the steps is the number of tiles in each of the four directions (X, -X, Y, -Y) including the home position that will be scanned?

@JohemianKnapsody is the expert on spiral scans, but I think you’re right - the way I think of it is that you specify the number of “rings”, so the centre position (which is where it starts) is always included - “1” then does one loop around the centre, “2” does two loops, etc.

That’s just a different phrasing of what you are suggesting. @JohemianKnapsody did some lovely work producing little visualisations of the scan path. We should figure out how to include this in the software, really!

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Thanks! The ‘rings’ analogy is helpful!