Source for condenser 12.7 diam with 5 mm focal

I spent about an hour on aliexpress searching for condenser f5 and out of hundreds of products I could not find an 12.7 diam with 5 mm focal as is the specs.
Do such things really exist and if so does anybody that managed to purchase that have a current link to that?
Thank you, Adrian

The condenser lens is plastic, with a flange. The overall diameter with the flange is 12.7mm (or 13mm or 1/2"), the lens part is smaller.

There are a few suggestions of places to get them on Sourcing non-printed parts - General - OpenFlexure Forum.

This link still seems alive

I have not bought that specific product, but it looks pretty close to the ones I have. As they come in big bags, it’s quite a while since I last placed an order!

This is the one I’m using for the illumination kits, it’s available in a smaller batch (and slightly cheaper for 100) :