Smooth movement in all axis

Hi, I want to achieve an smooth movement like the one in this video:
I’m trying to adjust the backslash parameter, is there any another thing I can do? Thanks in advance.

Are you on the Delta stage or the cartesian Microscope?

There are several things you can do. Make sure that your motors are getting enough current - that you are powering them directly from a DC power brick and not just from a wire on a microcontroller. Also make sure you are using brass or bronze hex nuts against the steel M3 lead screws, and that they are clean and lightly oiled. Check that the viton o-rings are still pliable, and replace them if there’s an issue. Also check that all of your mount bolts for the optics module and base and so on are snug, not loose but not too tight.


Cartesian microscope

Hmm. That should just work. There will be a backlash issue. If you have backlash compensation on, then when it moves in one direction it will be smooth, in the other direction it will have a forwards-back motion. With backlash off there will be no movement at first when you change direction, but otherwise the motion should be smooth

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So turning off the backslash could help to make the movement smoother?

Turning off the compensation for backlash (in settings , stage make the x,y,z numbers under Backlash compensation 0) will mean that the motors just move the number of steps that you set in the navigate tab, in the direction that you click. This means that if you ask for 1000 steps to the right then 1000 steps to the left, the motion will be right only, then left only and should be smooth.

The stage will not be back exactly where it started, because of backlash.