Question regarding motor quality

My microscope is almost done :slight_smile: But I wonder if the motors’ quality is ok.
Please take a look what a huge backlash (the motors are brand new, never used).

Is it ok or should I try to find another motors…
Thank you in advance

I have not done a direct test like that, but it does not look too bad. If you put them on the microscope, when it is all set up you can run the camera-stage calibration routine. That process also quantifies the backlash which we can compare to other microscopes.

Edit: Thinking about it again, the backlash is usually about 70 steps, and probably most of that will be in the gear train in the stepper motor (there is a 1:64 internal gearing). 70 steps is about 5 degrees on the small gear, you are not seeing more than that in the video I think.

Thank you.

yeah, I have given the motors a wiggle, and what you see there is pretty normal. It’s the price we pay for having high resolution and low cost, and mostly it can be compensated for in software, including the calibration William mentions.