Sangaboard V0.4 only works with a usb cable

Hello, I am building a microscope with a raspberry pi 4 and a Sangaboard v0.4 soldered by myself, I make it work with the image on the openflexure page, but only with a usb cable that connects the data port with a usb-a of the raspi, I would prefer the sangaboard to work with the assembly it has, but I haven’t been able to, what am I doing wrong?

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Great that you have the Sangaboard V0.4 working. We had a lot of issues with implementing it and were never really successful, so we have not been recommending it. v0.5 has been more straightforward.

To make the Sangaboard communicate with the Openflexure Server over the serial port of the Raspberry Pi you need to enable the serial port in the Raspberry Pi configuration, and you also need the correct version of the Openflexure server. I think that the latest server release (2.10.1) will automatically poll the serial and the USB to find a Sangaboard.

I thought that was in v2.11?

Also, the Sangaboard firmware that supports the hardware serial port is still in Filip’s fork - the one in BOING (which is probably what’s linked) is usb only.

We really need to update those instructions!