Raspberry Pi Pico - Made in Kenya

Hi everyone :raising_hand_man:t4: I wanted to share this news from Raspberry Pi about Manufacturing Decentralization. Gearbox (based in Nairobi, Kenya) is an official Design Partner of Raspberry Pi. Their facilities are able to manufacture any RPi product. They decided to start with the cheapest and simple platform, the RPi Pico. According to this article, the first batch of this board should be ready this week. This is a game-changing event for the African ecosystem! I’m not sure if there is any similar plan for Latin America, but I’m happy and excited to get a “Made in Kenya” Pico soon.

PS. I guess this news is connected to our short discussion with @r.w.bowman about components options for the motorized version of the OpenFlexure.

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I hope that will be an improvement for supply in the region. For Openflexure motor control, the Pico is very attractive. It is much more capable than Arduino and it appears to have lower underlying cost. However availability is not as widespread.

That’s very cool, thanks for posting it! I’ll pass this along to Valerian (the Sanga behind Sangaboard) and who knows, maybe we’ll have locally made electronics in the near future, at least for the East African contingent.