Power supply for motors


Since the instructions say not to use the Raspberry Pi power supply for the Nano what should I use? I’d like to keep the microscope compact without adding more bulky stuff…

What do I use?
Thanks, Rod

I use a 1.5A 5V USB power supply. In practice you should be fine with 1A.

The reason to use a different power supply is that the Pi will take quite a bit of power (especially if you are doing images) and the motors will as well. You don’t want to have the Pi brown out when the motors turn. Having two power supplies keeps the Pi separated, and all being well stable.

This is all good advice, but I must confess that I usually use a single 2.1A supply (the official RS components Raspberry Pi power supply) to power both, and it’s fine. Those PSUs usually give 5.1V though, to protect against brown-out, and I do occasionally see the little lightning-bolt symbol that signifies throttling due to undervoltage if I use random power supplies (though it usually still works).

I think it probably is important, however, to split the motor power off before the Pi, i.e. don’t use the Pi’s 5v pin. This is because you risk blowing the polyfuse on the Pi if you draw too much current.