Plans on OS Update

Is there a plan to upgrade to a newer version of raspbian for the OFM OS image? Debian 10 long term support is ending soon and the age of the OS complicates installing certain packages.

The short answer is yes. There is more on the thread

Thanks. Will the next os image have a 64bit option?

Not yet - the main problem is that piwheels doesn’t build for ARM64, which might make a mess of the Python stuff (i.e. all the back-end code). It may be that ARM64 binaries are on PyPI and it’s a non-issue, but I’ve not had time to test.

If you were able to confirm that it’s not too painful to install the necessary Python dependencies on a 64 bit OS, and that the camera stack works correctly, it shouldn’t be a massive task to add a 64 bit build (or indeed to swap to 64 bit by default - it should work on everything newer than a Pi 3 I think).