Picamera not working on new Raspberry Pi OS releases

Recently I encountered an error when using picamera on the new Raspberry Pi OS Bulls eye. Apparently the whole driver stack has changed. I think @r.w.bowman you mentioned that somewhere?
Have you investigated how to get picamera/x running on the new Raspberry Pi OS Bulls eye already? Or will you just stick to the old OS versions?

Relevant discussion: picamera.exc.PiCameraMMALError: Failed to create MMAL component b'vc.camera_info': I/O error · Issue #697 · waveform80/picamera · GitHub


Yes we’ve been looking out for when there will be python bindings for libcamera.

Looks like in the meantime they’ve added picamera functionality back into bullseye:


Ah, that’S nice. Thanks for the link. Is picamerax still running with this “trick”?

I don’t have bullseye yet to check, but if picamera works, so should picamerax. Picamerax just adds wrappers for a few more MMAL features.