OpenFlexure Connect 4.0

Today we’re releasing OpenFlexure Connect 4


How to update

OpenFlexure Connect updates roll out automatically. Launch Connect while connected to the internet, and click “Check for Updates” from the Help menu.



  • Updated icon (7e93e8e)
  • Changed default remote hostname to microscope.local (470932d)
  • Improved host card layout (8149593)


  • Fix eslint dependency (491f830)
  • Fix use of deprecated electron functions (ab3fb43)
  • Fixed host deletion, improved data flow, and support ipv6 (5b8b3ba)


  • Added explicit node integration (3dff5e4)
  • Added local debug guide (2ec72b2)
  • Added nofix lint script (0734af6)
  • Remove reference to eV (f3519b0)
  • Removed unused custom titlebar code (3c58c30)
  • Removed unused deps, imports, and components (b75136a)
  • Removed winget manifest (03ee6c1)
  • Unified eslint config to JS Client (4ce6023)


  • Added ESLint to CI script (974c65a)


Legacy support

Connect 4 drops support for the Microscope Server v1 (previously known as Legacy Mode). This shouldn’t affect many (if any) users, however it’s worth noting in these release notes.

Users requiring Legacy Mode support can still use Connect 3.0. Windows users can download a portable copy of 3.0.2 to run alongside this release, and Linux users can run a 3.0 AppImage alongside any other version.


cool, I have stashed a copy of that exe on my hard drive and I suggest @j.stirling does likewise with the appimage…