OFM in Rwanda pathology trip

As mentioned in the World Map thread, we’ve just been able to add Rwanda to our list of OFM countries. Dr Rosen (@dgrosen), Dr Hummel (who I can’t find on our forum!) and I traveled to Butare, south Rwanda to visit the University Teaching Hospital of Butare.

Our aim was to scan 60 patient biopsies, allowing us to investigate how the OFM compares to their current workflow for pathology. We also left four OpenFlexure Microscopes with custom software, allowing the pathologists to automate their slide scanning for training and archiving purposes. This led to a discussion with the Director General of the hospital, who was excited about the impact this could have on teaching, consulting and eventually diagnosis.

The pathology teams in Rwanda and Texas are arranging regular meetings to review cases and the performance of our microscopes. It wasn’t the smoothest trip, but thanks to Dr Rosen, Dr Hummel and our host Dr Elisée Hategekimana, we’re hopeful this is just the first of many similar trips


Just a few more highlights… (all under CC-BY for future reference)


Mini documentary from Baylor College of Medicine is out now