Objective lens 20/0.40, 160/0 for new Delta Stage

I was able to score some 20/0.40, 160/0 objective lenses from some old equipment at work. I was wondering if this would work for both the transmission and reflection illumination on the delta stage.

I’m not sure about the transmission illumination path when viewer samples on a cover slip. Is this going to cause any issues?

They should be fine. Do you know whether they are 45mm parfocal?

At 20x a coverslip does not make much difference. That would be the same for transmission or reflection.

No I do not, they are completely non-descriptive and I don’t have any documentation from the original equipment it came from. Is there a way to tell without checking with zooming in and out? At the moment I don’t have any detector yet, and all similar equipment at work is static, so can’t change the magnification.

The objectives came out of scopes to inspect the end face of fiber optic connectors.

Ow, and thanks for answering my question!

The parfical distance will show up when you are positioning the lens to get focus on the slide. Most common ones should work (35 or 45mm), if it is longer or shorter the slot in the z-axis may not give enough adjustment to get focus at the slide. You will know as soon as you have a camera connected.

Ok! I’ll come back if I have any issues. Still waiting for most of the electronic parts to come in.