New Software v2.11.0 and SD card build

I’ve released software version 2.11.0, which is mostly a collection of fixes, but also includes support for the newest Sangaboard firmware. This should now work with Sangaboard 5 (i.e. the RP2040 based boards) without modification, assuming your operating system is configured correctly (i.e. the serial port is enabled and not used for a terminal).

I’ve also just released a new SD card image, 2023-04-13-raspbian-openflexure-buster-armhf with the appropriate config applied. So, if you get that image (which also includes v2.11.0), Sangaboard v5 should now work out-of-the-box.

This release has been a long time coming because I’ve had to change a bunch of things in our build infrastructure to get it working. I’ve tested it, but not exhaustively - so if anything seems broken, please let us know!

The new SD card images should be available from:

Lastly, one useful change I’ve made is that there is now a Docker image that closely emulates the Raspberry Pi environment. This means our tests now run on more or less the same OS used for the actual microscope. If you’d find it useful to use that Docker image for anything else, feel free - it should be publicly visible in our GitLab registry.