New RPI Zero 2 module

I just received a notification from my electronics store that the new RPi zero 2 will be available November 2nd. Can this be an alternative to the other Rpi modules?

I also saw that when browsing yesterday, I did not realise that it is so new. What I saw said it was a different processor from the Pi3, but similar. Pi3-like performance should be OK, 512MB is low. My feeling is that it would not cope with giving the Pi desktop, but should be able to operate the microscope and serve to another device over wi-fi. So using the ‘lite’ version of the Openflexure SD image.

Someone will need to try it :slight_smile:

If it works it might be the simplest and cheapest way to run two cameras on one microscope (Role of Raspberry pi compute model for dual microscope/camera setup)


Well, I have pre-ordered one and I’m eagerly waiting for delivery day.

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testing the new Raspberry pi zero 2 module. So far it works fine!

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This is exciting. Is it running the microscope server?

Yes, but is so painfully slooooowww!!! Not worth the try

Is that slow if you are running the local desktop as in the photograph, or is it also slow if you use the Rasbian Openflexure Lite (without the desktop) and use it remotely over wireless?

I am running the full local desktop and is slow. I am planning to install the lite version now to use remotely. That should be fine I guess. I read is up to 30% faster than the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I have found the full local desktop rather slow on a Pi3 once a few images were stored. It is much better when operated remotely.

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@dgrosen, did you ever try the Raspbian OpenFlexure Lite on the RPi Zero 2, with remote operation?

Not yet. I will try. I think it may be a good option for my manual (non-motorized) version of the microscope.

Same question from me.

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I did not. Still in my to do list. I may try this week if time allows. I will post back.