Need Help installing software on the Raspberry Pi 4 model B & Sangaboard 0.5.1

Hi All,

I have Built the V7 Low-Cost Openflexure Microscope, however, I have never used a Raspberry Pi before or a Sangaboard. Can anybody help me to get the software working step by step from the start and what equipment I may need???

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@BRENDY77 that looks a great build. @filip.ayazi should be able to help with the software for getting the Sangaboard working.

There is some more discussion of this in the thread Sangaboard v0.5 now available . Post 22,23,25 of that thread also gives a bit about making it physically fit into the microscope stand and electronics drawer as the header Filip has used is a little taller than the one envisaged in the V7.0.0-Beta release.

For software, until the changes are merged into a new release of the official SD card builds, I recommend using the custom SD image posted in the Sangaboard v0.5 thread linked above.

As William said, you will also need to use the modified electronics tray (from the merge request here, use the view app link to get STLs) to get the port to align with the hole (the only stacking pin headers available were a little taller than what the tray holes were designed for).

Thank You so Much for the Reply!!!