Issue on infinity optic with beamsplitter


The print of the default optics_m12_rms_infinity_f50d13_beamsplitter.stl file failed on the lenstube holder part.

After generating the optic on openscad I realize there is a gap between lenstube holder and optic body.

Is this an STL you generated yourself from scad, or the STL downloaded from the Openflexure web site?

the STL downloaded from the Openflexure web site.
And as you can see it is the same on onpenscad when rendering.

I have had a look at the version I have downloaded. Yes, it looks just like your first post. :frowning_face:

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Hmm, that’s very strange. I’ve just checked, and I think I see the problem. I’ve fixed it here:

You should be able to download the STLs that correspond to this version by clicking on the “pipeline” and then downloading the artefacts from the “build” job.
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Thanks for that, it look ok now, so printing is in progress for a test with BS.