Increase XY travel range

I have samples that I would like to map and stitch with brightfield (for now, fluorescence or polarization later perhaps) but the full scan size would need to be larger, possibly 15 x 15 mm. My plan is to use the epi-collection design.

If we change the dimensions on the flexures should it be possible to achieve this increase with either the OFM or the Delta stage? Would be very excited to see how robust this approach is.

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This is also on another recent thread. I can’t see it just now.
In principle longer legs give more movement, but there are limits. The other thread has something about that.

Thanks @WilliamW. I wasn’t able to find anything but I may have missed it. I understand the principle of extending the legs to push the useable travel range, but I was curious about the limitations of that approach. I had reached out to @r.w.bowman who suggested I start this thread so we can hopefully try to sort this out as a community. Suggestions are appreciated!

This was the post I meant. Which is from RWB, and not a solution more a comment.

The parameter to play with is sample_z which sets the overall height of the main body. The effective lever length of the legs is 5mm shorter than sample_z, i.e. the default has sample_z=65 which gives a 60mm lever. My design assumption is that the legs bend through 6 degrees, meaning you get lateral travel that is about \pm10\% of the lever length, i.e. \pm6 mm or 12mm in total.

The number you need to change is in microscope_parameters.scad line 44, I don’t think this gets overwritten by the build script. You can then compile the modified main body by opening main_body.scad.

I’ve not tested this recently with anything other than the default value - but increasing it to, say, 85mm ought to work. I think the only other thing you might then need to adjust is the illumination mount, though it might adjust automatically if I was really on the ball when I wrote that code…

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I should mention you’d also need to adjust the optics module, as the default one will be the wrong size…