3D printing infill and X Y movement range

Can an excessive infill in the main body affect the X Y movement range? Thanks in advance.

I think is very unlikely. The range of movement is determined by the little plastic hinges on the columns and the travel of the screws. I my experience you can scan a 1x1 cm area without issues. What kind of PLA, settings and which printer are you using?

I’m using Sakata PLA 850, and an Artillery sidewinder X1 with 50% infill. I printed a main part with 40% infill to test if i can get extra travel.

In my experience this is one limitation of the microscope. It has nothing to do with the PLA, infill or printer. One thing I did to increase the scan area slightly was to make the legs taller by 1cm.

BTW, did you cut the plastic anchors on the legs?

The parts of the stage that are infilled are all designed to be rigid, so more infill should not make a difference to the stage. The printer default is usually a good starting point. I usually reduce the default 20% to 15% and have not had a problem.

40% or 50% infill is extremely high, but I suppose that as the microscope body is mainly perimeter it does not take a lot of filament, but it does add a few hours to the print.