Doubt about an unexpected AttributeError

I have recently installed openflexure library to perform certain experiments. I was testing the commands before begin but it doesn’t work, I checked ‘MicroscopeClient’ attributes and it includes the ones for commands, so I don’t know what is happening here, please could you help me to fix it?

I see that you changed the topic title to ‘solved’. Does that mean you now have it working as you wanted?
One thing I note is that you seem to be using Python 3.7.3 . I think there are some dependencies of the Openflexure Python client that are quite precise about the version of Python.

Python 3.7.3 is the default Python 3 on the microscope SD card image, and should work OK with the microscope client.

I suspect the error you’re seeing suggests that microscope is not an instance of MicroscopeClient, without the contents of I can’t be sure, but are you missing some () somewhere? For example:

microscope = find_first_microscope()

would produce that error, if the () on the first line were missing.

Yes, I changed it because the script is now working as I wanted. Thanks for your response! :grinning:

Yeah! Actually it was the mistake, I did not realized that I have forgotten some ().
Thank you for your response :grinning:

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