Different models in the documentation


After discovering this great project by chance, I took the plunge: I finally managed to assemble my first microscope. In the documentation, and more exactly in the part “Sampe clips and wiring”, the last two images show a microscope that looks different from the one seen so far.

What features differ between the 2 models?

Thanks in advance for the answer

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Hi @nlbmoi,

One of the key issues we had with the OpenFlexure Microscope is that each time we improve the design we have two options:

  • Retake all photos
  • Leave some old photos of steps that are unchanged, but risk confusing people when the microscope in the images changes

The yellow microscope on this page is an older version when normal elastic bands were used (which degrade quickly). The microscope was also smaller so it couldn’t fit an objective, and the z-Axis was much less sturdy.

We will very soon be releasing v7.0.0-beta, which we tell people to use over version 6. Despite calling it a “beta” release, it should be more stable than version 7. The only reason it is beta is that out plan for version 7 is that the release will really be product ready. In version 7 we have solved the photo problem by replacing the images with renders, as you can see with this preview.

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Thank you for your answer ! I had a chance in 2: either it was an old or a new model now I know it’s an old one.