Arduino Nano-Sangaboard not recognized?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to set up a microscope stage using the Arduino Nano Sangaboard, but so far I can’t get it to be recognized by the openflexure software.
I must admit I’m a bit lost, does anyone have any ideas where to start?

First, just to check. Have you got the most recent version of the Arduino sketch for your Nano-Sangaboard?
If you have that sketch loaded, there is not much else that could change.
Is it a genuine Arduino or a clone? Sometimes the USB driver chips are different, but if you are able load the sketch to your nano from your Pi then it should be communicating fine.

Hi William,

thanks for the response. I have updated both the sketch and the openflexure software to the newest version, however I have previously used a seperate PC to load the sketch onto the arduino.
Your remark about loading from the rPi did give me the idea to check if that would work, and suddenly the exact same sketch doesnt want to verify, giving me some errors.

I’ll try swapping out the arduino for now, as I suspect it may indeed be a clone.

thanks a lot!

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Clones do work well usually. They just sometimes use USB chips that are not automatically recognised by some operating systems. However it sounds as though you can connect from the Pi. Arduino forums may have some answers.