Which optics part for my old microscope objective?

I’m not sure if i should print optics_picamera_2_rms_f50d13 or (beamspliiter version) for my objective.
I’m building high resolution version with pi cam 2. The objective’s thread size is like 20.26mm
Thank you in advance

That looks like a standard RMS thread. It is marked 160/0.17 which means that it is designed for a 160mm tube length and 0.17mm thick coverslip. As it is 160mm, the optics versions without infinity in the name are the ones that you need. It is not clear what the par-focal distance is from the markings on an objective. It needs to be 45mm to fit the standard Openflexure parts. For a 40x objective the working distance is usually <1mm, so if the length of the lens is close to 45mm from the shoulder of the thread to the top of the lens then it is correct. If it is close to 35mm instead then the standard parts will not work and you would need to build alternatives from the source.

Thank you for a detailed explanation.

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