OpenFlexure Microscope v7 Protective Cover

Hi all my microscope was getting dusty and I wanted to protect it as well as from being knocked about so I quickly drew up this cover. I’ve linked to the .stl and .step files here if you want to print it or modify it. No assembly, just slides into places and locks on the stepper motor mount bolts.

It is not at all optimized and won’t fit over the condenser lid as far as I can tell, I do not have the lid on my microscope. You can edit the step file and extend it higher in the z axis to fit.



A very useful accessory, thanks!
As you proposed I’ve increased the height to fit over the condenser lid.

I’ve also added the openflexure logo, just because it deserves it.

I printed it in translucent PET, so - while not in use - it also serves as a geeky night light ;- )


Really nice pieces! I will try them out when packaging for mailing a microscope.

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Very nice! I’ll link to your version from printables I like the logo!

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Thanks @greenalastair. When I look at the logo now I think it turned out just a little bit too big. I’ll correct that eventually.