LED dimmer module (transmission)

I made a dimmer module (top black box). Pretty straightforward, just put a 10k potentiometer in series with the LED’s resistor.
Also printed a sliding dust cover hidden under the dimmer slot, to reduce dust falling into the potentiometer:

Let me know if anyone wants the 3D model or wiring diagram, though your potentiometer may have different dimensions/wiring.

It’s hot-glued in place. I should’ve made the LED wires longer so the box wouldn’t be sticking up.

I also modded the microscope base as you can see, so the ribbon cable sticks out the bottom.


Hi. I really like your solution. Would you mind sharing the wiring diagram with me? Do you get any flickering?Thanks.

No flickering.
So you know how the white LED has a resistor? My dimmer is in series with that resistor, so it just adds more resistance (between nearly 0 ohms and 10k ohms). I use the terms dimmer, knob, and potentiometer interchangeably.

The rotary potentiometer in the diagram is only one type; slide potentiometers are the same wiring but with pins in different places. If you have a potentiometer and multimeter on hand, you can find out what each pin does by measuring how the resistance changes (or doesn’t) while moving the knob.

If you look up tutorials for potentiometers, it may be confusing at first since you will usually see 3 wires going to a potentiometer, but in this case you should only use two wires.

Let me know if you want me to explain more.

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Thanks. This is very helpful. I will buy some resistors and potentiometer today and see how it goes.