Keyboard shortcuts and motor temperature


I just finished the scope and all looks great, I only have a question, maybe I missed some documentation or is not there at all.

What’s the keyboard shortcut for Z movement?
Autofocus is hit and miss and would like to have some manual control.

Also, my steppers are getting pretty hot, is this something common?

Thanks a lot for this beautiful design,

Thanks - I believe page up/page down will move the Z motor, and you can set the step size in the “settings” section of the “move” tab. Autofocus should be pretty good these days - what sort of samples are you looking at? The fast autofocus algorithm isn’t quite as reliable as the old algorithm (still used for “medium” and “fine” but seems good for the majority of samples. I’d be curious to see what you’re looking at, if it doesn’t work nicely for you.

The motors should get warm but not painful to touch. It’s worth pointing out that you do need to drive them with only 5v, higher voltages will cause overheating and that’s been an issue for some folk. I swapped to these motors after having issues with the small NEMA steppers actually melting the plastic!


I found the shortcuts in the end but how can I change them?
I’m using a small keyboard and pgup and pgdown are in the same place with up and down arrows, I need to press Fn key in the same time to action them so it’s a bit messy. :slight_smile:

ah, I’m not sure there is an easy way to do that. You’d need to edit the Vue app that runs the interface, and then put a compiled version of that on your microscope. Possible, but there are a few development tools required :wink:

It’s worth mentioning that the microscope does have built-in support for a USB SNES controller, if you plug it in (before booting up the microscope) it will then give you hardware buttons for moving, autofocusing, and taking a picture. I paid about £3 for mine, it’s definitely more fun than the keyboard!

Does the wireless version is compatible too or do it only work with USB wire version ?

Can it be native compatible with orther controller band ?

Ahaha that’s beautiful, I have one for my Retropie, fill definetely try it. :smiley:

I just try with a Nvidia shield controller, and it work so I think any kind of Xbox compatible controller will do the staff to.

That’s cool - we’ve not tried with anything other than the SNES controller. I’ve no idea if it will work with a wireless one (is that bluetooth?). The library that supports it was written by @j.stirling in an afternoon while travelling in Tanzania, and it just looks for Linux-compatible controllers. @Gris74 did the controls map to sensible buttons?

Yes, but if you mean by that gradable movement so it is not working, and the move step is too small … their is a way to adjust the step movement ?

I think the “SNES client” as it’s called will make successively larger movements if you hold down the button - so it starts with small steps (so that you can move a small distance by tapping the button) and then takes larger steps (so that it’s sensible to hold down the button for a while, and the microscope moves pretty much at its top speed). Is that not what happens? or is it just that the motors are very slow?

There should be a button to switch from fast to slow mode. I added in as part of the “jungle hack” version of the client when I was using low mag objectives in the rainforest in Panama. I am pretty sure this is now merged into master.

Really exciting to hear that it works with other controllers. I did set up a USB N64 controller once.

I have an issue open with a suggestion to add some code to sangaboard which releases the motors when not actively moving - it should reduce the heat and power consumption quite a lot:

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