Extending OpenFlexure to Schools

@ashley_openflexure I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the assembly. The band insertion tool is well tested but maybe the instructions for using it are not clear. There are a couple of very important things:

  1. Use the band insertion tool cap over teh band insertion tool. It is mentioned in step 5 Assembly Instructions (openflexure.org) but is not shown in the image on that step. It is in the parts image before step 1 (top middle of the parts image). The cap helps to keep the pressure even on both sides and the insertion tool will not break.
    2: Use the nut insertion tool to lock the actuator while you are inserting the band. This is shown in step 5. The tool will try to fall out or tilt up, you need a finger on it to hold it straight.
  2. It can be possible to get the band uneven when first inserted through the foot in teh first frame of step 5. Put the band in the foot and put in the insertion tool, then check that there is the same amount of the band on both sides and that the band is not trapped.

I am working on a re-design of the feet to make 3. easier. The repository for the modification is here Modify feet to locate with four prongs instead of two tabs (!339) and the file for the modified feet is feet (MR339).stl (537.6 KB). I am also trying different tools for locking the actuator more easily for 2.