Extending OpenFlexure to Schools

These versions are the main tested configurations for the microscope. Any of them can be used without motors attached, as a manual microscope. Just omit the steps to attach and wire up the motors and Sangaboard. Then turn the large gears by hand instead.

The most common uses in research are for tiled images or long term time lapse studies, which require motorised translation or autofocus, so that is the default in the instructions.

There is a prototype version of the body for a minimal manual version of the microscope, that has not got the motor mounting lugs or the cable conduits, which makes it slightly easier to use by hand. That body will work with any versions of the Pi Camera optics and a Raspberry Pi in the normal stand for the microscope. The thread shows the very simplest version with webcam optics. That does work, but we are not able to integrate a webcam with our software to give colour correction, so the images are not as nice.