Delta Stage v1.2.2 Condenser Mount Nuts Too Tall


I am working on building the Delta Stage v1.2.2 and the M3 nuts I am using are a very tight fit for the condenser mount. The right one barely went in and the left one won’t no matter how much I push. I think making this gap a tiny bit taller may be helpful.

These are the nuts I am using:

  • Thread Size: M3/0.12"(D); Product Name: Hex Nut
  • Material: Carbon Steel; Weight: 32g
  • Package Content: 100(+/-2%)pcs x Hex Nut; Main Color: Black
  • Height: 2mm/0.08"; Hex Size: 5mm/0.2"(Hex.Width)
  • Grade: 8

It’s also possible there is filament in the way of the hole. I will see if I can push the left nut out and clear it if there is.

Edit: pushing the nut out from the top and scrapping the hole made just enough clearance for the nut to fit on the left. So it may just be that there is too much filament falling down from where I printed it. I am not sure if there’s something different that could be done in the model to address this or different print settings that could be used.


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If you look at the STL, the hole for the nuts on the Delta stage illumination mount is different from the equivalent hole on your recent Microscope build.

The Microscope version 7 uses an updated hole shape that is designed to print without so much stringing in the hole. The Delta stage is largely based on the V6 Microscope design and has not yet benefitted from the improvements in V7.

The interim solution as you have found is to scrape out any stringing before inserting a nut. It is something that we would like to avoid in future updates of the Delta stage.

The holes for the nuts connecting the base were the same way. I had to scrape out the sagging filament and one still didn’t fit right to where I could get the screw to go in. It’s good to know :+1: