Correcting sensor tilt of the PiCamera v2

I noticed that my imaging sensor is significantly tilted on its little foam adhesive pad, which was causing focal shift across the field of view. I tried bending it but I just sprang back to the undesirable angle.

If you remove the sensor from the camera PCB and strip off the adhesive foam (it pulls off with foreceps) you can then rigidly attach the sensor to the PCB - I used CA glue. I’m sure this is fragile but it eliminates the extra tilt.

That will certainly give you a definite position. The original design is for the lens holder part of the camera to push up firmly against the printed optics module. The foam pad would be compressed and the camera held flat. I am not sure that this is actually the case and I keep meaning to do some testing.

One thing to note is that the thickness of the foam pad is included in the optical design, so removing it puts the camera a little further away than the design. This will affect the focal position a little and will mean that an objective lens in the high resolution version is not quite being used as it is designed.