Scale up and use a DSLR body?

Okay, probably a crazy idea. I just saw a used Nikon D3500 online and started thinking if we scale up everything by ~3x we could fit a DSLR? We will clearly need some different lens and camera mount but would it work?

Removing the tube lens and making the distance from objective to sensor 150mm should work nicely - the image will be 20-25mm diameter, which is about right for a decent DSLR sensor I think. The issue is load capacity and space in the “bucket” base. The latter can be solved easily enough with a custom box. The former might be a problem: hanging a DSLR off the optics module will probably snap the focus mechanism. However, the delta stage version has optics that are fixed in position, so it ought to be possible to figure something out there.

I am thinking of trying to design a version to use the new high quality raspberry pi camera once I get an initial first iteration built.