Gamepad/SNES controller issue


I gather the microscope should be controllable via a SNES controller, so I plugged one in, but nothing happens.

I verified that it is recognized in linux and produces events (evemu-record).

Do I need to enable it somewhere?

If not, how would I go about debugging this? Where in the server code is this handled?



This post Keyboard shortcuts and motor temperature - #4 by r.w.bowman . Support is built in, but the controller is plugged in before booting the microscope. That suggests that the SNES is on the microscope Pi, not on a remote link to the Pi.

The “SNES client” should be enabled as default on the microscope. As William says it is worth making sure it is plugged into the on board pi and then rebooting. The SNES controller sends commands directly to the microscope not via the GUI client.

The code is on GitLab, it has been ages since I played with it.

You buried the crucial information that this is not part of the standard image or standard install pretty well :wink:

OK, it is running now, and some feedback about the install process has been given on gitlab…

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Is it not!? Sorry I am not the software guy. I was under the impression it was!

I still don’t have a full microscope set up at home to test this. I wonder if it is in the full version but not lite. As you may have heard, Joel who has taken the lead on software left just over a week ago, so it will take us a bit of time to get a handle on these things.

I’ve just taken a look at the pi-gen script: it does bundle snesclient as standard, but only in “stage 5” which is the full desktop version, not the lite version. As it has basically no dependencies I see no reason snesclient shouldn’t be in the lite version - I’ll raise an issue and we can sort this out next release.

Thanks also for flagging that the install instructions are ropey - I’ll try to take a look and sort that out. To be honest, we’re probably better off just making sure it’s installed as part of the SD image…

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I think Joel was pretty keen on keeping the Lite images as free from excess code as it may be the base for any medical version. I can imagine my hacked gamepad code is very much the sort of thing that may want to be excluded.

I suppose we will need to have a separate branch/build with a load more auditing when we move that way, so I am happy for it to be added in to lite. I thought I would just bring it up.

good point, but I think I agree - we’ll probably need a separate medical fork. I think the lite image is handy enough that it’s probably worth fixing for general use, if we can find time…